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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I get Freggies at work?
    Yes, and Yes! You can set your delivery address to your work address or get your coworkers fired up about Freggies...

  • Do you have any quick, easy and healthful recipes?
    Yes, we periodically post our favorites here. If you have some recipes that you would like to share, please send them to us!

  • What comes in a FregPick?
    We pick what goes into a FregPick box. To see a sample of what may come in a FregPick: Mixed Fruit & Veggie. The beauty of a FregPick is it is inexpensive and you can set it up to automatically show up once a week or every-other week! Note that the contents of the FregPick can change at any moment based on produce availability.

  • Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?
    For a regularly scheduled delivery, you should be home to receive your order; however, we can simply leave your order in a designated location (should be shaded & cool). Just indicate a location when you place your order.

  • How does my produce stay fresh during delivery?
    At Freggies, the quality of your produce is our biggest concern. We carefully control the conditions in which your products are stored and transported, right up until the moment you receive them. Fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen. If we are delivering on an especially warm day and you do not plan to be home to meet us, consider leaving a damp towel (full size) that we can use to cover your produce.
    Additionally, we work closely with local vendors to ensure your produce is as fresh as possible. We want to deliver produce to you as soon after harvesting as possible.

  • Is Freggies organic produce locally grown?
    We like to say that all of our organic produce is local to someone. Of course we do our best to use local farms when possible but some of the time we have to go elsewhere to get the variety that our members want year round. We only work with certified organic growers.

  • Your pricing seems low for organic produce. How & why do you do that?
    Our prices are lower because we purchase direct and we don't have the high overhead expenses of a grocery store. We just have delivery trucks!
    We do however ask that you realize that you should expect about five percent of your order to be bad when you get it. This may sound astounding but the reality is that we can't see through the produce skin. Sometimes produce can taste bad even though it looks fine on the outside. Sometimes a bad piece sneaks through our eagle eyes or is hidden within a box. This is part of the nature of this business. Let us know of any of it that you see right away and we can credit you or add some replacement items to your next order with Freggies!

  • What should I do with the boxes after I store my produce?
    Simply leave it out for us on the next delivery day and we will pick it up. Or, you can keep a few of them and set them out periodically. Whatever works best for you. If a box is broken or damaged, please recycle it for us and the community!

  • Should I tip my driver?
    It is really up to you. Our standards of quality are very high so you should expect the best! If you feel like you see something extraordinary, we would love to hear about it. We are also very interested in constructive feedback on how we can make your life better through this service.

  • I am unhappy with a product I received. What should I do?
    We require you to contact us the same day as delivery if there is a problem with your order. We may occasionally call to check on the quality of the produces and service but we customarily assume you are super happy if we don't hear from you by phone or email on the day of delivery. There are many variables with a perishable product but our approach is to do whatever it takes to make things right. Please know that you should expect a small percentage of your produce to have perished at or near delivery.

  • You don't carry an item I want!
    Please let us know about the items you want. We pick from a list of hundreds of available items each week in an attempt to provide the most common and popular items. We do accommodate special orders. The best thing to do is email your request to and simply let us know what you are looking for and the quantity. We will bend over backwards to accommodate these requests. If you know well in advance (a week or two) that you will need something, please try to let us know as soon as possible.

  • I didn't get all of my order, what happened?
    There are two reasons that are most common that will cause a shortage or missing items in your planned order. The first is that the quality of the items does not meet our standards. In these cases we do not deliver that particular item. Or, it may be that the item is not available. Remember that we only offer organic produce and it is not as commonly available as conventional produce so at times we are transitioning farms or a crop may simply not be available. We will note on your order sheet the items that are not available and of course will remove them from your order before finalizing the order.

  • How late can I place an order and still get my order the next day?
    Currently, residential delivery is limited to once per week delivery. The order cut-off times vary by region, so login to your account to see your cut-off time for your delivery day. It is listed at the top of the first page you see when you log in to your account.

  • Do you serve offices?
    Yes we do! Contact us directly to hear about the services we have specifically for office environments.

  • Do you deliver produce to restaurants?
    Most definitely! Contact us directly to hear how we can serve your restaurant.

  • My home (such as an apartment or condominium) uses controlled access. Do I need to do anything special?
    You need to meet us or provide an alternate delivery location if your home has controlled access.

  • What will my delivery driver look like?
    Our drivers always wear Freggies branded clothing. If you see them they should be close to one of our white delivery vans which will have the Freggies logo on the side of it.

  • Is all the produce organic?
    Yes, Freggies supplies all organic produce!

  • I live in a multi-family dwelling (apartment, condo, etc.). Does Freggies deliver to this sort of residence?
    Yes! We can deliver to you but we actually prefer not to. There is simply so much risk in the delivery being lifted by an unintended recipient that we would prefer to deliver to you at work. If you do choose home deliver in a multi-family environment then you accept the risk if the order is misplaced. We also cannot delay in our delivery and routing to wait to meet or wait for access beyond a security door so the delivery will be left at the common entrance inside if we have quick and easy access.

  • What is a Franchise Partner and can I become one for my neighborhood?
    A Franchise Partner is someone who shares the coolness of Freggies with their friends, neighbors and community. The responsibility of this position includes building a group of customers in their assigned region, answering questions about the service, working with the HomeTask support team logistically (Freggies is part of HomeTask) and sharing recipes or other healthful resources with the Freggies customers. Please contact us if you have more questions, click to learn more about owning a Freggies Franchise.

  • I have a question that you didn't answer here!
    Please contact customer service. We'll answer your questions right away.